Book March Madness

The Clinton Public Library sponsored a Book March Madness this year at SVMS.  Students made suggestions of book titles for the bracket with the top sixteen books making the cut.  In their English classes,  each student filled out a bracket that was returned to the Clinton Public Library.  Each week students at SVMS voted for their favorite books until a winner was determined.  “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series was the winner of the SVMS Book Bracket.  One student was able to predict all of the winners of the bracket perfectly.  Pictured in front of the large book bracket on display in the SVMS library are Ashley Wolfe (Clinton Public Library representative) and the winner, Lila Grimm.  The Clinton Public Library provided Lila with a complete set of the winning series of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” from the Book March Madness Bracket, along with a $50 Walmart Gift Card.  Congratulations to our winner and a huge thank you to the Clinton Public Library for their support!