Vermillion County Community Foundation

Western Indiana Community Foundation Scholarships 

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SVHS Scholarships
Scholarship Season is February 1-March 1

  • To apply for the local common scholarships, you will need to complete the Common Scholarship Application” for each scholarship. It is important that you read the criteria of each scholarship to see if you qualify.

  • Scholarship committees have requested that the application be typed not handwritten.

  • Before students submit their applications to the scholarship committees, students are asked to print and bring ONE COPY of the application to Mr. Grange. The application will be reviewed, an application code will be assigned, and the application will be returned to the student to submit.

  • Each common scholarship is submitted differently either via email, mail, and/or hand-delivery. Submit your application as a PDF document.

  • All local common scholarships are due during “Scholarship Season”. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • Every effort has been made to contact the individuals or organizations responsible for the scholarship information. Some scholarships may be discontinued without notice and others may be announced for the first time.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us at 832-5311 or via email. We are happy and eager to help as needed.

Scholarships Using The Common Scholarship Application

Click here to access the Common Scholarship Application

Scholarships Using Separate Scholarship Applications 

For Students:

  1. Download Google Chrome Browser App

  2. Open this website in the Google Chrome Browser App

  3. Tap link above

  4. If logged into email via safari, you will tap download. (down arrow).
    If not logged into email via safari, it will open in separate window.

  5. Tap on document one time.

  6. Choose Open In and select Notability.

  7. Create New Note and tap OK.

  8. Use the "T" at the top to add text boxes.

Scholarship Search Web Engines

Seniors are encouraged to research for college scholarships by visiting the websites of the colleges of their choice at Indiana Colleges & Universities.

Acing College Scholarship Interviews