Final Exams

Final Exam Exemptions:


Absences up through the first day of final exams will count toward total absences for the semester and could disqualify a student from exemption.

Attendance: Students who have exempted out of a final exam will report to that class for attendance, then will be dismissed to the auditorium to watch a movie.

Attendance Appeals: Students who wish to appeal an absence on their Harmony attendance record or provide Dr notes / documentation to certify an absence must do so by Friday May 17th!


Final Exam Attendance:


  • Leaving School: Students can not leave school until they have completed all final exams for the day.

  • Remain in Final Exam period: Students who are scheduled to take a final exam will remain in that class quietly for the entire final exam period. Students will not be called out of class to leave school early or be dismissed to the auditorium for a movie before the final exam period has ended to avoid distraction to those students testing.

  • Final Exam Make-ups must be approved by administration and will only be granted for certified absences. Students who do not show up for their final exam without prior approval will receive a "0" for the final exam.