Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be completed at www.fafsa.gov. Indiana residents attending an Indiana College or University must have their FAFSA application submitted by March 10th to be considered for state aid awards which include 21st Century Scholarships and Frank O'Bannon awards. Information on State of Indiana awards can be found at http://www.in.gov/sfa/.

Questions about Financial Aid? Check out http://ivytech.financialaidtv.com/

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Federal Student Aid Program Summary

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21st Century Scholars

Indiana's 21st Century Scholars is a needs-based and performance-based program that provides students the opportunity to earn up to a four-year scholarship at an Indiana college or university. Click the link above for more details

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FAFSA www.fafsa.gov 1-800-433-3243
FSA ID fsaid.ed.gov 1-800-433-3243