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eLearning Days

What is an eLearning Day? 
Most important. . . .Students DO NOT come to school, but have schoolwork to complete that day. Teachers and tech support are available to answer questions.

South Vermillion Schools eLearning days would offer access to online instruction provided by each student's teachers. Teachers would create lessons in Canvas, the SV learning management system. These lessons would be interactive and relate to the curriculum for the specific class. Teachers will ensure that the lesson is aligned with the curriculum. Three scheduled eLearning days will occur during first semester. These days would be within the 180 day academic school year. Students will have access to teachers via the Canvas, phone and email. If students do not have Internet at home, they may go to a friend's home, the public library, or one of the local businesses offering free wi-fi. Each eLearning day will be scheduled on a Wednesday, and assignments would be due by the end of the school day on Friday. Attendance will be taken via an assignment in Canvas. If your student cannot get online, they can contact their teacher, the school's main office, or tech support by phone to inform their school of no access. Assignments would still be due by Friday for all students.  

What will it look like for students?
South Vermillion teachers are beginning to use Canvas to post assignments and lessons. Students access Canvas on their school-issued iPad or through a computer. The learning management system is completely web-based, however, students can download content before leaving school on Tuesday to work on while at home. On eLearning days, students will complete lessons/assignments created by their teachers in Canvas. These lessons/assignments will be a continuation of the previous day’s instruction. There will not be a rigid schedule for students to follow on an eLearning day, but they will be expected to check in that day and complete all lessons by the end of the day Friday. Teachers will be available online for questions or concerns at a specific time during the day. This schedule will be available to parents and students prior to the eLearning day (The only exception will be Kindergarten and 1st grade students, who will be bringing home paper packets the September eLearning day).

What will these days look like for teachers?
The focus of these days will be professional development time for teachers. They will continue to develop Canvas courses while continuing the process of curriculum mapping with an emphasis on digital curriculum. They will also be provided professional development for any additional pertinent topics. 

Teacher eLearning Day Schedule - September 19
8:00-11:00 Professional Development
11:00-11:30 District Test Security Training
11:30-12:30 Lunch on your own
12:00-1:00 Building faculty meetings
1:30-2:00 Department meetings
2:00-3:30 Office hours to assist students

Why have eLearning days?
Colleges are using elearning more, even in face to face courses.
Corporations are using eLearning for training purposes.
Most companies require online applications.
Ability to provide teachers an entire day of professional development and planning with their peers.
Scheduled days will help students and teachers prepare for inclement weather eLearning days. This will help us avoid making up snow days, especially the first week of Spring Break.

How will attendance be taken?
Teachers will take attendance by recording the online participation of the students via a one question quiz or assignment in grades 6-12. Elementary will take attendance through work completed.

If a student is too sick to complete the work, parents will need to call the school office. The student is still responsible for the work and will need to complete it by the end of school on Friday (unless absent for an extended period).

If a student cannot get access to Canvas from home to complete work: contact tech support, school's main office, or your teacher. Your call will be logged for attendance purposes. Work will still be due at the end of day Friday.

What if the students iPad is not working?
From experience, this is a rare occurrence but if it happens there are a couple different options:

Students may use any other device to access Canvas because it is web-based.
Students may contact tech support and ask for suggestions.
If the student cannot find a way to complete the assignments, they or their parent must contact either their teacher, the school's main office, or tech support with a reason to be excused from an absence. 
When the student returns to school, they will need to take their iPad to the tech department to be repaired.
Assignments are still due by the end of day Friday.

How long will each student be required to work on eLearning lessons?
Student should expect the following time for each subject/class:
Grades K-1: Paper packets with instructions for completing (20 minutes per subject)

Grades 2-5: Language Arts, math, one additional subject and specials class that day (approximately 20 minutes per subject)

Grades 6-12: 20-30 minutes per subject

What about students who attend WRCTE or Work-based learning?
Students will not attend classes but are free to go to work as they normally do. WRCTE teachers should provide eLearning lessons for their students to complete.

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